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The Story Behind Us

We are the response for your travel with us………….

Bangalore’s largest taxi and leading taxi operator. Innova Club was established since 2006 with only 50 taxi drivers, the group has grown tremendously to more than 1000 taxi drivers to date.

Innova Club is a Travel Company based in Bangalore, Karnataka and has been engaged in providing Superior Car Coach Rental Solutions to clients. We have a fleet of New Vehicles with us such as Economy, Luxury, Premium, Compact, Convertible, Standard, Mini Van, Compact Pick up, MUVs and SUVs. Some of the Cars offered by us are Indica, Etios, Dzire, Indigo, Innova, Tavera etc. We are committed to provide Inexpensive Road Journeys to clients and Offer all our Vehicles at Very Low Rents all year round. We are also a Traveler (Car & Coach) Provider!

Mission & Vision:
To establish ourselves as the most valuable travel company 
in the country
To provide 100% client satisfaction
To provide an inspiring value to clients for their money
To offer highly safe road journeys to clients

Innova Club is owned and managed by Ms. Gladys Manjula, CEO. The company’s operations are consolidated by a self-motivated team of professionals and staff. We have also deployed many Diligent Garage Mechanics who keep the Vehicles functional and ensure safe journeys to the clients.

Core Values:
We also keep inventing new ways by which we can offer our services to clients at highly competitive charges. The clients can take a pick from the Wide Range of Vehicles provided by us and also choose from the various Rental Plans designed by us. The clients whom we have served so far are Very Satisfied with our Services, and our Services are always referred by our clients to other potential Travelers.

Why Choose Us:
Innova Club Cars is an ongoing success story. Our guiding principles, and humble beginning, revolve around personal honesty and integrity. We believe in strengthening our communities, one at a time, serving our customers as if they were our family, and rewarding hard work. These things are as true today as they were when we founded our company.

Today, our Massive Network means Innova Club Cars is the Best Transportation Solutions Provider. We Offer Car Renting Services throughout India.

We take an active role in Sustainability, not only because it’s Smart for our Business, but because we believe in making the world a better place for future generations. Because of our size, we are in a unique position to foster Innovation, Advance Research and Test Market-Driven Solutions.

Innova Club Cars is now a household name for Frequent Travelers, Road Trippers and those with a Car in the shop. We are a Brand that’s recognized as a Emerging Leader in the Car Rental Industry. We Value our Employees and Customers as much as a member of the Family. Today Innova Club Cars continues to Drive Success through a Simple, yet Powerful set of beliefs to become a Leader in Car Rental, as well as in Sustainability and Innovation.

At Innova Club Cars everything we do is about giving you the Freedom to Discover more. We’ll move mountains to find you the Right Rental Car, and bring you a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish. Here you can find out more about how we work.

We want to make Renting a Car as Simple and Personal as Driving your own. Renting a Car brings you Freedom, and we’ll help you find the right Car for you at a Great Price. But there’s much more to us than that. We’re here to make Renting a Car a lot Less hassle.

Our Vision:
To Strengthen our Position as the Leading Car Rental Company providing Quality, Creative, Innovative, Competitive and Socially responsible Services in the Region.

Our Mission:
We are a team that creates unique and socially responsible Travel Experiences, Providing Services beyond expectations.

In simple terms, because we bring you Unbeatable Value and Peace of Mind throughout your Rental Car Journey. We use all our Experience – and the Experiences of Millions of our Customers – to bring you the Car you need and the Quality of Service you want. Always at the Best Price.

Talk to us about your Car Rental needs and you’ll realize why our Customers return again and again – and bring their friends. Give us a Call or Email Us, and let us Help you find a right Car for you.

We are special in market to give you cab service……………..